World War 3 Black Screen Fix

World War 3 Black Screen Fix
October 23rd, 2018

Good day, dear players. Today we are dedicating this news to one very important issue – the World War 3 black screen. Playing the game very often a black screen crashes. You cannot remove it yourself; you have to close the game or restart the computer.

Why is there a black screen in the game World War 3?
At this stage, the developers confirmed that the black screen bug is an in-game error. So you shouldn’t sin on your computer, video card or waste time on reinstalling the driver and DirectX programs. In the game, a black screen can fly out after loading. Other players get this error after the character dies. It was also noted that the black screen freezes during the download of the save. Other players claim that with the maximum graphic settings. Apparently this error can get you at any time of the game.

We are reassured by the fact that the game developers have confirmed the error with the black screen in the game World War 3. This means that a patch will be released soon in which there will be a fix for this problem.

Download Fix –

Black Screen error – How to fix

  • Good news! (Patch fix out)
  • Download the update from our link
  • Run the installation (the patch will automatically be installed in the game)
  • Reboot the computer (if required)
  • Everything is ready (we start the game and see that there are no more errors with a black screen)
World War 3 Black Screen Fix

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