Status Crack game GreedFall (CPY – Codex)

GreedFall cracked
September 9th, 2019

GreedFall Full Game Download Torrent Crack (CPY | Codex) on PC

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The world of GreedFall is home to numerous factions, each with their own beliefs, territories, goals, allies and enemies. You will forge and break alliances, weaving your way through an intricate reputation system. Every decision you make has the potential to please or anger these factions and their leading figures, as well your companions. Your ability to handle diplomatic encounters, the two party members you choose to bring to encounters, and who you will decide to help or fight, will ultimately impact the geopolitical landscape of the island.

Choose your gender, customize your appearance and select a few starting attributes, building from there to create your own playstyle. The classless progression system lets you tap various branches from an extensive skill tree and create your own skill synergies. With over a hundred skills to choose from, along with thousands of combinations of equipment, you forge your very own experience.

Trailer game GreedFall on PC (CPY | Codex)

System requirements

CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 / AMD FX-6300
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
VIDEO CARD: 2 GB GeForce 750 Ti | Radeon R7 260X


The world of GreedFall is not entirely down-to-earth. You will explore an immense island seeping with magic. Its lands, inhabited by magic-wielding locales and fantastical creatures, hide countless mysteries and secrets awaiting to be discovered.

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GreedFall is an RPG to its core, with an emphasis on freedom in both character development and how you proceed through the world.

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Status Crack game GreedFall (CPY – Codex)

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