STALKER 2 Black Scren Fix on PC

January 8th, 2023

If you’re experiencing the STALKER 2 Black Screen Fix bug, there are several steps you can try to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

  1. Disable Full-Screen Optimizations: This can be done by right-clicking on the STALKER 2 executable file, going to Properties, and then disabling the Full-Screen Optimizations option under the Compatibility tab.
  2. Run the game as an Administrator: Try running the game with administrative privileges by right-clicking on the executable file and selecting “Run as administrator”.
  3. Check Graphics Driver Update: Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed for your GPU. You can check for updates through the manufacturer’s website or through your device manager.
  4. Update Need for Speed Unbound: Check for updates for the game through the Steam client or through the game’s update feature.
  5. Check System Resources: Make sure you have sufficient system resources, such as CPU, RAM, and GPU, to run the game.
  6. Disable Overlay Applications: Some overlay applications, such as Discord and MSI Afterburner, can cause issues with the game. Try disabling any overlay applications you have running.
  7. Check Windows Updates: Make sure you have the latest Windows updates installed.
  8. Lower in-game Graphics Settings: If the game is running poorly, try lowering the graphics settings in the game’s options menu.
  9. Update DirectX: Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX installed.
  10. Press ALT+TAB Key Combo: If the game is stuck on a black screen, try pressing the ALT+TAB key combination to bring up the task switcher. This may allow you to exit the game.
  11. Try Disabling Overlay Apps: If you have any overlay apps running, try disabling them to see if that resolves the issue.
  12. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime: If the above steps don’t work, try reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime.
  13. Verify Game Files and Repair: If all else fails, try verifying the game files through the Steam client and repairing any damaged or missing files.

Hopefully one of these steps will help fix the STALKER 2 Black Screen Fix bug for you.

STALKER 2 is an open-world survival horror game developed by GSC Game World. It is the latest game in the STALKER franchise, which has inspired games like Chernobylite, Escape from Tarkov, and Metro. The game is set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, and players must navigate the dangerous and immersive world while trying to survive against various dangers, such as mutated creatures and anomalous events. STALKER 2 is set to release on April 28, 2022, and is available for PC.

STALKER 2 Black Scren Fix on PC

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