SCUB Black Screen Fix on PC

August 29th, 2018

Today, it is worthwhile to devote time to such a problem as the SCUM black screen. The game was pretty good. But the optimization of the game at a low level. On the game forums, players complain about the black screen when the game starts. Developers took this error into account and released a patch of fixes.

How to fix Black Screen in game SCUM

1) Update the game with this new patch
2) Run the patch check after the download
3) Run the game and play
4) SCUM black screen is fixed!

scum blasck screen

Scum – a multiplayer project in the setting of an entertainment show in the open world with elements of the struggle for survival. As participants in the Scum TV show, the players have to fight for survival, as well as for the support of spectators, producers and sponsors.

SCUB Black Screen Fix on PC

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