Scientists have explained why the aliens are silent

April 11th, 2018

Scientists have found a new explanation for the fact that mankind has not yet been able to detect developed extraterrestrial civilizations. According to the new version, people are too keen on finding some radio messages from space, and can simply skip a lot of other information that gets to Earth.

As it became known, psychologists Gabriel de la Torre and Manuel García of the Spanish University of Cadiz published their study in which they revealed that astronomers too carried away by the search for radio messages, and can skip a lot of other important information. According to psychologists, because of the so-called “space gorilla effect”, scientists are so focused on finding extraterrestrial radio signals that completely ignore other potential ways that can be contacted with another civilization.

To prove their theory, experts conducted an experiment demonstrating how much human attention can completely ignore any information that is completely in sight. After conducting several experiments with the participation of 137 people, psychologists noticed that those people who concentrate too much on one factor easily skip a lot of no less obvious and noticeable information that occurs right before their eyes. This experiment was first carried out in 2010, and its results astounded the researchers.

Scientists have explained why the aliens are silent
Scientists have explained why the aliens are silent

Based on this experiment, psychologists explain that at any time mankind can come into contact with an alien civilization, but not even notice its presence because it does not yet possess the necessary technologies for detecting various types of signals or types of matter. In addition, all perception of the world around people is tied exclusively to imperfect senses, which are not evolutionarily adapted to observe signals from aliens. Therefore, the perception of space for today is limited by the capabilities of the brain, and can exclude a lot of real information.

Psychologists also criticized the entire costly SETI project, which from year to year is engaged in the same, without increasing the scope of its attention. Scientists believe that most of humanity is simply looking in the wrong direction, and for the same reason, aliens may not notice us.

According to, psychologists also proposed their classification of the development of civilization, consisting of three stages. According to this classification, people only pass from the first stage to the second, and the use of radio signals can be detected only by civilizations of the first type. In the third stage of development, space-time manipulations, the creation of parallel universes, and the use of all kinds of energy are possible.

Scientists have explained why the aliens are silent

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