Radical Heights Low FPS Fixes

April 12th, 2018

Easy patch installation

  • Go to the Downloads service
  • Download this patch there
  • Install in the game folder
  • Done!

Download Patch Fix –

The main problem in gaming is the low FPS. Good optimization in new games is a rarity. Players with powerful computers experience lags, freezes, delays. And the reason for this is low FPS in the game Radical Heights.

For each game there is a patch that fixes a low fps. Radical Heights is no exception! To improve the FPS game developers have already released a patch and recommend all players to install it.

List of changes

  1. Improves game performance
  2. Improves the quality of graphics
  3. The problem with Radical Heights low FPS is fixed
  4. Significantly increases FPS on weak pc
  5. Many more other fixes


Now you know how to fix the low FPS in the game Radical Heights!

Radical Heights Low FPS Fixes

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2 thoughts on “Radical Heights Low FPS Fixes

  1. Thank you, installed the patch and now the game fps has become much higher! Though at me and a computer weak but a patch helped

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