Impenetrable levels in God of War

Impenetrable levels in God of War
April 12th, 2018

Developers of the new game God of War of Santa Monica Studio revealed that their project gamers will be offered at once four different levels of complexity. In this case, to change the highest level of difficulty during the game will be impossible, and he will offer a real hardcore for lovers of complex tests.

“Give Me A Story” – easy difficulty for those who are interested in a story adventure
Give Me A Balanced Experience – the average mode for those who prefer the game in the form in which it is conceived
Give Me A Challenge – a difficult mode for fans of the series
Give me God of War (Give Me God of War) – the highest difficulty for the most demanding gamers who prefer not to compromise
The developers themselves note that the highest complexity is intended for those players who are able to “beat the bear with their bare hands.”

God of War

The authors of the game God of War said that the complexity of “God of War” Kratos is much weaker than his opponents, who behave as threateningly and unpredictably as possible, in addition, their number can seriously increase. At the same time, starting the game at the highest level of complexity, gamers will not be able to lower it during the passage. In addition to the level of difficulty, players can individually customize and game interface, adding hints, or as much as possible removing additional information from the game screen.

The passage of only the plot of the game on an average difficulty will take about 19 hours. In this case, if players want to explore all the features and content that God of War offers on high difficulties, it may take more than 40 hours of playing time.

Game God of War from Sony will be available to gamers on the PS4 and PS4 Pro as early as April 20, 2018. Critics will publish their estimates for the new project as early as April 12.

Impenetrable levels in God of War

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