Free game Radical Heights in PUBG style was released

Radical Heights
April 12th, 2018

Gamers are offered the opportunity to take part in battles and skirmishes with high rates, passing under the dome in southern California, where participants are worn on BMX bikes or pursue each other in search of weapons and various prizes. Players also have to earn money, which they can spend or for various improvements in their prize room or to buy weapons. The accumulation of money in this game with the theme 80 years it is also important, as the extermination of their opponents.

By information the game Radical Heights comes in the service Steam early access on April 10, 2018, and because today everyone can get a new project for free in the genre of battle royale.

Creative Director of the game Zach Lowery (Zach Lowery) said that the developers are big fans of the genre battle royale, and therefore they decided to create their own project in this style. As reports, Boss Key Productions company intends to create a new futuristic world with the theme of the 80s. The game takes place in 2023 on a new game show, the participants of which are fighting each other for glory and various prizes.

Free game Radical Heights in PUBG style was released

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